A Song from Far Away
2017. 01. 20.

by Simon Stephens

a confession

translated by | Bence Bíró
Willem | László Józan
dramaturgy | Diána Eszter Mátrai dramaturgy consultant | Hanna Szász
directed by | István Szabó
New York. A winter’s day. Willem’s phone rings. His mother is calling to tell him that his brother died and he has to go home. A journey back to the old home. Arriving in Amsterdam. As Willem decides to write a letter to his deceased brother his memories storm him. The abandoned love left behind. His otherness and the life it created. As he is composing his letter he has to reconsider his life and his relationship with his cold and dismissive family. It dawns on him that his emotions and affections lead him somewhere totally different. With the brilliant young actor, László Józan in the leading role.
It is our great pleasure that we succeded in inviting Oscar winning film director, István Szabó, who has not worked in theatre for a long time, to direct this very personal and peculiar performance.
premiere | March 2017 | Vígszínház | Studio