2018. 09. 27.

By now it has become a tradition that besides our exciting repertory performances we entertain our audiences with exclusive concerts also. Magdi Rúzsa will return to the stage of the Pesti Theatre with her regular solo show, and the Vígszínház will host artists and bands like Magna Cum Laude, Caramel, Budapest Bar and for the first time, Kossuth Prize-winner András Lovasi.

A GRUND – the Vígszínház’s Boyband was founded on the theatre’s 121st anniversary, and has been giving sell-out shows since. The band members are all actors performing in the Vígszínház’s successful production of The Paul Street Boys: József Wunderlich, Márk Ember, Áron Zoltán, Balázs Medveczky and the band leader: Béla Fesztbaum. Their repertory includes, besides songs from the performance, several hit songs from other Vígszínház musicals, well-known songs by Gábor Presser and some all-time favourites of Hungarian and international rock music. A truly joyful musical experience!