Csaba Szever, head of hair department Vígszínház, passed away
2021. 03. 17.

With great sadness we are informing everyone who have known and loved Csaba Szever, head of hair department Vígszínház, that on the 15th of March 2021, after a short illness, he unexpectedly passed away. Csaba worked in Vígszínház since 2011 and served all of our performances with enormous professionalism, reliable taste, and huge knowledge of all ages and styles.

In the year 1971 as an 18-year-old he started working at MAFILM as an intern, and he was a collaborator in numerous films and TV plays. In the middle of the 80’s, he found his home in the theatre, but he still worked a lot in Hungarian and foreign movies and productions. He made good use of his knowledge and experience from theatre and film in Vígszínház. He knew everything about his profession: from the gluing of the rococo wigs to the curling of Marcel waves. he knew that a mask was only perfect, when it was an integral part of the acting. His personality, creative spirit and mind and characteristic gestures will be remembered for a long time.

“You just have to love the actors, otherwise you are not in the right place. I honestly love them, and if not so much, I still find something in them, what can be loved. “