Earthquake in London
2017. 01. 16.

by Mike Bartlett

Three girls, three sisters. Sarah, a famous politician who is being blackmailed, Freya, a teacher who is expecting a child and Jasmine, a rebellious university student, who works as a stripper at night. Their father, Robert Crannock, a well-known climate researcher, predicts a dark future for our planet, and he passes on this pessimism to his daughters. The three girls fight an enduring battle for love and a happier future, but their lives keep getting more and more chaotic. What kind of a life awaits us here on Earth? What future will our offspring have? The girls seek the answers to these questions as each of them finds a different way to be happy. This new contemporary British play tells us about the lives of these people in an incredibly exciting way, the plot rich with unexpected twists, as it discusses the big issues of life with lots of humour and music.

a play starring | Éva Bata, Zsuzsa Járó, Csenge Szilágyi and more

directed by | Enikő Eszenyi

premiere | 1. April 2016 | Vígszínház