Free Exchange Hotel
2018. 02. 27.

Director: Michal Dočekal

a comedy

adaptation for the Vígszínház | Michal Dočekal, David Drabek and Péter Závada

translation | Zsófia Molnár and Sylvia Huszár


Károly Hajduk, Enikő Eszenyi, András Kern and more

set design | Martin Chocholoušek

costume design | Sylva Zimula Hanáková

music | Michal Novinski

dramaturge | Diána Eszter Mátrai

directed by | Michal Dočekal

Georges Feydeau is the creator of an insanely happy universe. He is capable of tormenting his audience with three hours of nonstop laughter. A grand engineer of theatrical effects, he accurately observes human games and presents them with gleeful irony. In Free Exchange Hotel men and women frantically chase each other and their desires from one hotel room to the next, losing the meaning of life and their pants on the way. In Feydeau’s comedies, under the brightly polished surface hide the horrors of life, which Jean Cocteau compared to the world of Franz Kafka.

premiere | March 2018 | Vígszínház