The Idiot
2018. 02. 27.

Director: Attila Vidnyánszky Jr.

Imre Makai

set design | Pater Sparrow

costume design | Kinga Réta Vecsei

directed by | Attila Vidnyánszky Jr.

Saint Petersburg, 1869. The gap between rich and poor is getting wider and wider. The sumptuously dressed leaders of the country do nothing but plump themselves. Money, selfishness and superficiality become priorities in everyday life. The streets are noisy and dirty. There is pub below every house, and a brothel on the first floor. Fathers and sons go blind drinking vodka as they are trying to forget that once they were humans. Mothers and daughters sell their bodies on the upper floors. This is the world Dostoyevsky sees from one of the windows of his corner flat. From the other he can see the tip of a distant church tower. Dostoyevsky sits down by his desk and starts to write. Could the love of Christ save the world? – Goes his question, which the young creative team with Attila Vidnyánszky Jr in the lead, tries to answer.

premiere | March 2018 | Pesti Theatre