The rehearsals of ‘The decent girls cry in silence’ have started
2021. 01. 18.

The rehearsals of ‘The decent girls cry in silence’ have started at Vígszínház Budapest. The stage adaptation of the hit novel written by Katarina Durica will be directed by Béla Paczolay. The play will be performed by Erzsébet Kútvölgyi, Edit Balázsovits and Luca Márkus at the Studio Stage of Vígszínház.


It’s better not to say a world, to look away, to keep going… And just cry in silence. Especially if you are a woman. – This was the survival strategy in the ‘90s in a small town called Dunajská Streda, where the everyday life became unbearable due to terrible incidences. After twenty years Katarina Durica broke the silence, and sounded the women who were muted for so many years, even though they were witnesses, witnesses and victims.

The novel was written based on interviews, confessions and reports, so we learn about one of the darkest mafia story of Europe through the fate of three women.

Not only is ‘The decent girls cry in silence’ unsettling, but also liberating and elevating at the same time. It gives strength and courage to those women, who endured the violence speechless, who didn’t dare to raise their voice, who lived in shame and disgrace up until now.

One of the biggest hit novels of the last years will be staged for the first time ever performed by the outstanding artists of Vígszínház Budapest.

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