VÍG Day | programs for the whole family all day long | 30th September 2018
2018. 09. 27.

On 30th September at noon the Vígszínház opens its gates to the public, with numerous wonders waiting inside! Visitors can take a backstage tour led by the artists of the theatre, they can chat to the creative teams of our new premieres, and they can take a peek at the rehearsal of The Great Dictator. In the Studio they can see passages from the new premiere of The Wandering Dog, directed by Andrea Pass. Make chocolate with actress Barbara Hegyi! Have your photo taken together with our performers, or have your season pass signed by your favourite actor! The closing event of the day will be the traditional selling of the VÍG Cookies, the profit of which we will offer to the Árpád Ódry Home for Elderly Theatre Staff.
Those of you, who cannot join us, can watch the programmes live on Facebook.
We look forward to having you with us!
A day ticket costs 500 HUF.