The Director
2017. 01. 20.

a play by Attila Bartis
starring | Gábor Hevér, Adrienn Herczeg, Tamás Lengyel, Sándor Lukács, Janka Kopek and more
dramaturgy | Csaba Székely and Róbert Vörös
directed by | Rémusz Szikszai
Following the success of his previous play, Doom, Attila Bartis has written yet another disturbing and ruthless story for the Vígszínház. The play takes place in a theatre and is full of deep secrets, painful and smouldering lies, as are the private lives of the actors. János, the witer-dierctor is in rehearsal for his new play. In the heat of the intensive work real life and life on stage, private lives and the horrors of the fifties mingle almost unnoticeably. The line between lie and reality appears to be very very thin. Who betrayed who? The past is there to haunt everyone.
To our great joy, Attila Bartis received yet another literary prize in May 2016. His novel The End, was awarded the public’s prize of the Libri Literary Awards.
Directed by Rémusz Szikszai, this performance is the Vígszínház’s tribute to the 1956 revolution.
premiere | 26. 02. 2017 | Vígszínház | Studio