István Lénárt passed away
2021. 04. 01.

Barely before his 100th birthday, on the 31st of March, István Lénárt, or as he was known by everyone: Papi has passed away.

His name was very well known both in the theatre and in the filming world in Hungary. He graduated as production manager at the University of Theatre and Film in 1954 and then, after the revolution, he worked at the National Theatre for Zoltán Várkonyi and Tamás Major. In the year 1963 he started working at the Hungarian Televison as dispatcher, where later he became the leader of the coordination and worked as deputy director until his retirement. He was in charge for producing the TV-films, talent shows, Dance-Song Festivals and composer competiotions in the big era of the Hungarian television, when only of TV-films and historical films more than 70 were produced annually.

Between 1992 and 2010 he was the advertising manager and for some years the organizing secretary of Vígszínház, but before and after this, he was connected in many ways to the theatre. He always visited, had conversations, gave advices, was present and listened.
His helpfulness was legendary, just as his charming and kind personality. His characteristic face, smile, voice and gestures are kept by films he was playing in, such as Man in London, Dusk, Glamour and The Wood.

He came to all of our premieres, still in the autumn, during the pandemic. He adored theatre in every way and followed Vígszínház always with special love and interest. May he rest in peace!