Season closing event at Vígszínház
2021. 06. 14.

Barbara Hegyi, Luca Márkus, Dorottya Antóci, András Kern, Péter Rudolf and Róbert Vörös had been awarded at the season closing event of Vígszínház. Among rating the season 2020/2021, the new members of Vígszínház have been announced and the jubilating colleagues have been greeted.

In the season of 2020/2021 Vígszínház played 111 times live on stage in front of an audience. We had 4 premieres online, 7 performances had been streamed live, 26 from recordings and due to the 125th birthday of Vígszínház, 8 performances were available for free from the archives. In the last months the streams of Vígszínház had been followed by more than 100 thousand viewers from 60 countries, while on our jubilee stream-week, almost 50 thousand spectators watched the cult performances of Vígszínház. In the theatre, there have been 353 coronavirus tests done in the season.

Following the traditions of Vígszínház, at the season closing event more artistic awards had been handed. The awarded artists are: Dorottya Antóci- Little Star Prize for best episode character, Barbara Hegyi- Ajtay Andor Prize for best female performance in ‘The Visit’ and ‘The Stone’, András Kern- Ajtay Andor Prize for best male performance in ‘The Father’, Péter Rudolf- Roboz Imre Art Prize, among artistic achievements, also for strengthening the professional state and title of the theatre in the society, Luca Márkus- Varsányi Irén Ring for best actress under 30 and Róbert Vörös - Harsányi Zsolt Prize for his work as a dramaturg.

The jubilating colleagues have been also greeted: Liza Szatmári actress is since 70, Zsuzsa Kertes prompter and János Héjj stage manager since 45, András Hordós leader of props unit and Ferenc Borbiczki actor since 30, while Barbara Hegyi since 25 years the member of Vígszínház.

The new members of Vígszínház from the next season were also announced: Patrícia Kovács, Eszter Nagy-Kálóczy, Balázs Bölkény, Ákos Orosz and András Stohl. For professional practice, Zsombor Kövesi is arriving from the University of Theatre and Film Budapest, as guest actors Csilla Radnay and Anna Trokán will work in the theatre. Márta Gilicze, Szonja Rudolf, Gergely Máté Kiss, Levente Orbán, Péter Reider and András Tóth will continue their work in Vígszínház as guest actors.

The season 2021/2022 at Vígszínház will start with the premiere of ‘Children of Paradise’ on the 4th of September, followed by the openings of ‘Cabaret’, ‘The Decent Girls Cry in Silence’, ‘The Stone’ and ‘Bella Figura’.

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