Péter Rudolf became the member of the Immortal Company
2021. 06. 01.

New artists have joined the Immortal Company, among others Péter Rudolf, the director of Vígszínház. The Eternal Members of the company are chosen by the audience from those artists, who are working for the culture, arts and society with their talent, with all the resources they have and by supporting noble goals. This year, due to the nomination of the advisory board and the votes of the audience, two-two members joined the company from four categories (actress, actor, opera singer, dancer): Kati Lázár and Mária Tiboldi actresses, Péter Rudolf and László Szacsvay actors, Johanna Bodor and Zoltán Zsuráfszky dancers just as Mária Zempléni and Csaba Bede-Fazekas opera singers became Eternal Members. The shoe-mold of the artists will be placed at Nagymező Street on the Walk of Immortals.