Earthquakes in London

Mike Bartlett

Earthquakes in London

Director: Enikő Eszenyi

Opening in March 2016

Earthquakes in London is a play by Mike Bartlett. It received its world premiere at the Royal National\\\'s Cottesloe Theatre on 4 August 2010, following previews from 29 July 2010. The production was directed by Rupert Goold in a co-production with Headlong.
The play centres on the lives and loves of three sisters, abandoned long ago by their doom-mongering father. The father is a prominent climate scientist played by Bill Paterson, who predicts environmental apocalypse. The eldest sister is a cabinet minister who plans to halt all airport expansion, choosing environment over economy. The middle sister is heavily pregnant and growing increasingly depressed about the uncertain future her child is being born into. The youngest sister is a rebellious teenager and frequent nuisance to her career-minded eldest sister. As the three women attempt in their own different ways, to come to terms with the fact their father\\\'s pessimistic forecasts may be right, Freya, the middle sister contemplates suicide to avoid bringing her child into an apocalypic future and an opportunity presents itself for reconciliation with their estranged misanthropic father.