Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy
War and Peace

május 22. szerda, 19:00

stage adaptation for the Vígszínház | Alexander Bargman

translation | Géza Morcsányi

József Wunderlich, Kata Bach, Dániel Király, Barbara Hegyi, Zoltán Seress, Gábor Hevér, Péter Telekes and more

set design | Anvar Gumarov
costume design | Judit Pusztai
choreography | Nikolay Reutov
dramaturgy | Golubeva Darya Mikhaylovna and Diána Eszter Mátrai
assistant director | László Szabó G.
directed by | Alexander Bargman

Lev Tolstoy considered War and Peace his greatest work, which was received with equal enthusiasm by the people of the time. Today the admiration towards the novel is unbroken. Following his hero and heroine’s fate, through passionate love affairs, tragedies, births and deaths, Tolstoy recounts the constantly changing relationship between East and West, Russia and Europe. The leading characters of the family sagas are Pierre Bezukhov, who was once a Napoleon fan but war turns him into a man propagating the holiness of human life, his friend, Prince Andrei, who joins the army in the hope of glory and fame, and the radiant Natasha, who, through love and deception, matures from a teenage girl who blindly trusts her instincts into a grown-up woman. A story of three hopeful lives, three exceptional destinies.

premiere | 16th December 2017 | Vígszínház