Comedy of errors

William Shakespeare

Comedy of errors

with one interval

Translation by Zöldi Gergely
Final text by Böhm György, Eszenyi Enikő, Szűcs Anikó and Zöldi Gergely



The place is Ephesos, a big, crowded city, where two newcomers are wandering about, Antipholus and Dromio from Syracuse. They have no idea about the well known fact that Ephesos also has its own Antipholus and Dromio, and they look very much alike, as they are seperated twins. The pairs of twins are completely mixed up. The two Antipholus and the two Dromios desperately want to find out what is going on, but it is not so easy to follow…
There comes a jealous wife and her ignorant sister, a bracelet worth a royal crown and its pushy maker, a miserable businessman and a homeless woman, and nothing is the same as it was. The popular burgess is rejected from his own home and the innocent visitor is pushed into it. A mad turmoil whirls around - until the happy ending.
The two pairs of twins are played by two actors only: Pindroch Csaba and Csőre Gábor change their clothes and identities at a crazy speed. Eszenyi Enikő brings modern busy streetlife to the stage of the Vígszínház. The characters are so familiar that we must admit at the end: nothing has changed in the last 400 years...