Over the Smear-mountain

Presser Gábor- Varró Dániel - Teslár Ákos

Over the Smear-mountain music: Presser Gábor director: Néder Panni e.h artistic director: Eszenyi Enikő

The wicked Splotch Tsar wants to smear the whole world and cover it with splotch while a group of barbarian cleaners – led by Attila Broom – threatens the Smear-mountain residents with extreme cleanliness. Andris Muhi a leery guy has to save all the people in the Smear-realm but especially Janka, the snottiest girl in the neighborhood. Before the last battle Andris passes the Land of Drool, resist the temptation of Babyface Demon and lives through a lot of funny, strange and heroic adventures.