A Streetcar Named Desire

április 20. szombat, 19:00
május 27. hétfő, 19:00

Tennessee Williams: A Streetcar Named Desire

Play in two acts

Director: Géza Tordy

From 25 January 2013

Starring: Enikő Eszenyi, Zsolt László, Enikő Nagy, Csaba Pindroch and more

When southern belle Blanche Dubois arrives to stay with her sister Stella in New Orleans she is confronted by a shockingly different culture and heated surroundings, embodied by Stella's brutish, sensual husband Stanley.

Blanche's past soon catches up with her and her fragile mind begins to weaken. In a searing allegory of changing times the simmering confrontation between Blanche, with all her pretensions and delusions, and the primal, working-class force of nature that is Stanley is played out on a knife edge, with devastating consequences.