The Decent Girls Cry in Silence online stream premiere
2021. 02. 24.

One of the biggest hit novels of the last years will have its world premiere at the Studio Stage of Vígszínház!

The online premiere of The Decent Girls Cry in Silence will be streamed on the 13th of March from 7 P.M. on the site of jegy.hu. The stage adaptation of the hit novel by Durica Katarina is staged by Béla Paczolay and performed by Mari Kiss, Edit Balázsovits and Luca Márkus.

The novel was written based on interviews, confessions and reports, so we learn about one of the darkest mafia story of Europe through the fate of three women.

Tickets: online-vigszinhaz.jegy.hu/#/event/a-rendes-lanyok-csendben-sirnak-stream-premier
The online performance can be viewed after buying the ticket between 13th of March, 7 P.M. and 14th of March, 7 P.M.

Cast and more: http://vigszinhaz.hu/english/repertoar/program.php?mid=vgnGyoj2Q4BKY0V8s6kbR7

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